Saturday 3 February 2024

Satan is under our feet!

 Romans 16:19 makes me so happy when I think of you. Everyone knows the testimony of your deep commitment to faith. So, I want you to become scholars of all good and beautiful and stay pure and innocent regarding evil. 

Rom 16:20  And the God of peace will swiftly pound Satan to a pulp under your feet! And the fantastic favour of our Lord Jesus will surround you—the Passion Translation.

Wow, wow, and wow some more! What a great God we serve. He is kind, gracious, and eternally loving. Recently, I had a dream that revealed how much the Godhead is rooting for us to walk as overcomers in Christ.

In my dream, I was transported to the second floor of this shopping centre. Near a blue wall, a man stood in the middle of the second floor. Instantly, I knew it was an Angel, so I went to him and asked a question. I wanted to understand how he deals with Satanic attacks. He said to me, ever so cheerful, that he doesn't ever think about it. He went on to speak, "that if Satan does attack any angel, they let him know that he (Satan) is under their feet."

I was surprised by the response. The angel went on to suggest that I do the same. He was ever so cheerful. I told him I appreciated the insight. After our chat, he walked away. 

Why is satan under our feet?

I confessed this truth out loud for the next few days, and the results were stunning. Whenever negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings arose, I would say, "Satan, you are under my feet," and instantly would feel the peace of God manifest in my life. Why did the peace of God manifest in my life? The answer is in Ephesians 1:17-22.

I pray that the Father of Glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to you the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know him through your deepening intimacy with him. 

I pray that the light of God will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, flooding you with light until you experience the complete revelation of the hope of his calling—that is, the wealth of God's glorious inheritances that he finds in us, his holy ones! 

I pray that you will continually experience the immeasurable greatness of God's power made available to you through faith. Then your life will be an advertisement of this immense power as it works through you! This is the mighty power 

that was released when God raised Christ from the dead and exalted him to the highest honour and supreme authority in the heavenly realm! 

And now he is exalted as first above every ruler, authority, government, and realm of power in existence! He is gloriously enthroned over every name that is praised, not only in this age but also in the age to come! 

He alone is the leader and source of everything needed in the church. God has placed everything under Jesus Christ's authority and ranked him the highest of all. 

And now we, his church, are his body on the earth and that which fills him who is being filled by it! 

We are his body, the church. We are sitting in heavenly places in Christ. The Apostle Paul goes even further with this revelation from the Holy Spirit. He makes it personal to our lives, not just in a corporate setting.

He raised us with Christ the exalted One, and we ascended with him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ! Eph 2:6

"My old identity has been co-crucified with the Messiah and no longer lives, for the nails of his cross crucified me with him. And now the essence of this new life is no longer mine, for the Anointed One lives his life through me—we live in union as one! My new life is empowered by the faith of the Son of God, who loves me so much that he gave himself for me and dispensed his life into mine! " Galatians 2:20.

It's time we started singing in our hearts that we went to the enemy's camp, and I took back what belonged to me. He's under our feet, satan, you are under our feet! Praise God.

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